For those we Serve:

Adult Day Care

-Flat Screen TV
-Arts & Craft items (Glue Sticks, Paint, etc.)
-Bingo Prizes(Cups, Stuffed animals, jewelry, etc.)

Independent Living & Gifts for Grannies 

-Heb & Walmart gift cards
-Gift Cards from Restaurants (a special treat for clients on a fixed income)
-Canned goods & Nonperishable food items

So we can Serve:

Postage Stamps
We pay bills for hundreds of clients each month who have barely enough money to pay their bills.  We pay as many as possible online to avoid the cost of postage, but we still need hundreds of stamps each month.

Laptop computers
We are always in need of new or slightly used laptops for our staff

Multi-Purpose Copy Paper
Your support so that we can continue to reach out to people in need

Frequent Flyer Miles
So we can send staff for needed training at conferences

Other office Supplies
See our Amazon Wish list here!