Waco Office & Intergenerational Center:
5000 Lakewood Drive, Waco, TX  76710 – Street Address
P O Box 23491, Waco, TX  76702-3491 – Mailing Address
254.772.7600 – phone       254.772.3900 – fax

friends@friendsforlife.org – email

Abilene Office
301 Oak Street, Abilene, TX  79602
325.672.2635 – phone       254.325.4635 – fax

Corpus Christi Office
3765 S. Alameda, Ste. 407, Corpus Christi, TX 76411
361.334.1449 – phone     361-334.334.0322 – fax

San Antonio Office

6351 Rittiman Rd., San Antonio, TX  78218

Texas City Office
1227 Logan Street, Suite 200, Texas City, TX  77590
409.797.4555 – phone      409.797.4564 – fax

Tyler Office
1517 W. Front Street, Tyler, TX  75702
903.535.7700 – phone      903.595.1174 – fax

To Volunteer:
254.772.8100 ext 110

To Make a Gift or Sponsor an Event:
Inez Russell
254.772.8100 ext 106

For Information about Adult Day Care:

Michelle Plaskett, Adult Day Director
254-772-7600 ext 118

For Information about Guardianship of Person:

Clifford Walker, Director
254.772-8100 ext, 155

For Information about Guardianship of Estate:

Beverly Heaton, Director
254.772-8100 ext. 151

To make a Referral for Guardianship:
Velinda Moody
254.772.8100 ext 119

For Questions about Money Management or to make a Referral for Money Management:
Francie Jensen, Director
254.772.8100 ext 128

To refer a client in Abilene/Taylor County for our Independent Living or Quality of Life Programs:
Cecilia Barahona

To refer a client in Waco/McLennan County for our Independent Living or Quality of Life Programs:

Donna Baugh                                                                                                                                                                    254.772.8100 ext 110

To arrange to have Someone Come Speak to Your Group in Waco/McLennan County:
Inez Russell
254-772-8100 ext. 106

To arrange to have Someone Come Speak to Your Group in Abilene/Taylor County:
Cecilia Barahona

To arrange to have Someone Come Speak to Your Group in one of our other Counties:
Claire Shell
254.772-8100 ext. 147

For administrative questions:
Inez Russell (Executive Director)
254.772.8100 ext 106

43 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Wendy Burkes Reply

    I notice that your based in Texas. Do you have any affilates in illinois.

    • Karin Moro Reply

      Hi Wendy…I too am in Illinois and wondered if there were similar organizations here. Contact me if you’d like to discuss the need for that here.

      • inez Post authorReply

        Karin, I will send you an email that might help you check to see if there are similar organizations in Illinois. Thanks for writing.

  2. Kim Clendenen Reply

    Have you an office in San Antonio or some outreach for Bexar and surrounding counties?

    • inez Post authorReply

      We are in the process of opening an office in Bexar County. I will be in San Antonio Friday for a meeting about it. I will keep you posted.

    • inez Post authorReply

      Dottie, if we ever receive funding that would allow us to come to Massachusetts, I will definitely contact you. That would be awesome. In the meantime, I will email you some information. Thanks.

    • Thayne cameron Reply

      I, too am from Massachuserts and love this idea! Does anyone know of anything like this in our state?

      • inez Post authorReply

        Thayne, you can try the program locator at the website for the National Volunteer Caregiving Network – http://www.nvcnetwork.org. Perhaps there is an organization near you that offers similar services. I hope so. Inez

    • inez Post authorReply

      Peter, we are only in Texas now and we are working to take our services into the unserved areas in this state. Perhaps someday we will have the funding to take this work to your gorgeous state. In the meantime, there is a membership organization called the National Volunteer Caregiver Network. Many of their members provide similar services. I will email you their website.

  3. Michele Giangrande Reply

    I love what your organization does. Do you have any chapters in Southern California? Please notify me if and when you’d like to expand.
    Thank you,

    • inez Post authorReply

      Michele, thank you for your comment. We do not currently have anything in California, but I will certainly contact you if we receive funding that allows us to expand to your state.

  4. Mark Scott Reply

    I have always been interested in starting something like this in Louisiana is there anyway I can get some guidance you do the same thing in Louisiana or somehow explain you to Louisiana thank you very much.

    • inez Post authorReply

      Mark, I would be happy to talk with you about how to create a similar program in Louisiana. I will email you my contact information.

  5. Katie Strzyzewski Reply

    Like Wendy, I too am from Illinois. Would be interested in learning more about your program and what would be involved in duplicating a valuable service such as yours.

    • inez Post authorReply

      Thank you for your comments. I will email you some information, including my contact information. I would love to talk to you.

    • inez Post authorReply

      Wish we could afford to come to Kentucky! Thanks for writing.

    • inez Post authorReply

      Thanks, Marguerite. Perhaps someday…… Thanks for writing.

  6. herb deitz Reply

    hi. I am herb deitz I wanted to find out if you have info on similar services serving thr San Jose/San Francisco. Area

    • inez Post authorReply

      Herb, there is an organization, the National Volunteer Caregiving Network that has a program locator on their website, http://www.nvcnetwork.org. Some of their members offer similar services. Best wishes. Inez

  7. Jill Reply

    Hi. I was wondering if you knew of any similar organizations in Michigan. Thank you!

    • inez Post authorReply

      There is an organization called the National Volunteer Caregiving Network that has member charities that offer similar services. You can check their program locator on their website, http://www.nvcnetwork.org. Inez

  8. Jeanette Reply

    Wonderful program. Are there any similar programs in the state of Oregon? Have there been opportunities to explore palliative care options for persons with chronic illness – such as cancer – that can limit mobility? Great work.

    • inez Post authorReply

      Thank you, Jeannette. You might check with the National Volunteer Caregiving Network to see if any of their members offer similar services in your area. They have a program locator on the website, http://www.nvcnetwork.org. Would love a chance to talk with you sometime about palliative care. Inez

  9. Tanu Reply

    I would like to volunteer if you have your services in Michigan .I am based in Ann Arbor.

    • inez Post authorReply

      Tanu, we do not have services in Michigan, but you might check on the website of the National Volunteer Caregiving Network as their member organizations offer similar services – http://www.nvcnetwork.org. Inez

  10. Trish Reply

    Helping the elderly has always been of interest to me, even when I was still real young.
    I would like to know if there are any folks in the Marble Falls/Llano Texas vicinity that are in this program – or if there is a similar program available.
    Thank you.

    • inez Post authorReply

      We do actually plan to have an office in your area in the future. In the meantime, you might see if there is a similar program by looking at the program locator on the website of the National Volunteer Caregiving Network – http://www.nvcnetwork.org. If you don’t find anything, please stay in touch with us and we will keep you posted as we move your direction. Inez

  11. R Williams Reply

    Hello, I absolutely love the mission of this organization. Do you have some information for similar organizations in Georgia? Or do you have a branch already established here? Thanks

    • inez Post authorReply

      Hi. I don’t know if there is anything close to you, but you might check the National Volunteer Caregiving Network as many of their member organizations offer similar services. Their website is http://www.nvcnetwork.org and on their site is a program locator. Best wishes. Inez

    • inez Post authorReply

      We are not in Houston, but we do have an office in Texas City. You might try the National Volunteer Caregiving Network at nvcnetwork.org. Their program locator on their website will tell you if there is a similar program in Houston. Inez

  12. Maggie Connor Reply

    Aloha Inez & Friends for Life Team!
    I love what you do and how you give of your care, concern and time for our kupuna (elders). My Grandmother (passed at 100 years old) and my Mom (still going strong) taught me very similar values in caring for one another – especially elderly, and disabled. Both Texas natives!
    It seems your good works are primarily in the great State of Texas. I live on Hawaii Island and would so love to do this type of service in our community.
    Would you be so kind as to e-mail me in order to help me understand how to begin such an organization. I’ve always helped in small ways as I can with things like buying groceries, driving to Drs appointments, walking a dog, bringing by fresh baked pumpkin spice bread, mowing lawn, etc. Yet I would so love to create a Non-profit so I can be of service more on a full time basis. I have had my own business for over 25 years counseling and I feel I could make a good transition. My husband is very similar as he so enjoys helping our community every opportunity he gets.
    Thank you again for being so warm-hearted and putting smiles on these precious faces. Thank you as well for being such a great example of love!
    Wishing you continued blessings and God’s grace.

    • inez Post authorReply

      Maggie, I am emailing you some information that I hope will help. Thank you for your kind words and for your love for the elderly. I look forward to talking with you more about this. Inez

  13. Kathy Reply


    I wondered if you could send me any email info on whether there are any organizations such as yours in South Carolina. I’m a 64 year old single woman in Greenville and don’t relish the thought of growing older alone. Thanks.

    • Kim Reply

      Hi Inez and Friends For Life,
      I live in the Houston/Woodlands area. I think what you do is wonderful, and I would like to help with expanding your program or starting a similar program in the North Houston, Montgomery/Harris county area. I’d love to talk to you about it. Thanks.

  14. Barbara Reply

    Amazing organization! Seniors work all their lives to raise families, pay taxes, help their children out, and then are left behind alone. When you think no one cares about you the feeling of loneliness and despair is overwhelming.

  15. greg parks Reply

    Thank you so much, Carolin, for the plumber referral. Deanna F. is grateful for the help. A big disaster diverted.
    Thank you.

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