A day of generosity where funds are given support helping the elderly and adults with disabilities live the fullest life possible.

Multiply your gift
We have $8500 in matching gifts.

Your dollars go farther and help more.

Independent Living & Quality of Life – volunteers help our clients live independently and safely as long as possible through transportation, grocery delivery, minor repairs, supportive phone calls, and more. $5/monthly or $60 can help provide services for one client.

Life Skills – Trainers work with clients living in nursing facilities to develop social, communication, and cognitive skills to help them transition into the community.  $25 buys supplies trainers use to promote client independence and active lives.

Guardianship – Services ensure over 400 clients have safe places to live, health care, and the best quality of life.  Courts appoint us to serve when an adult lacks the ability to make decisions and provide own basic needs. For example, $55 purchases one book of stamps that is used to pay bills that cannot be paid online.

Money Management – we serve as payees for folks who are at risk of losing their independence due to the inability to manage their finances.  $45 provides one month of services to one client.

Adult Daycare – a safe place for seniors and adults with disabilities to come each day for nutritious meals, fun activities, and necessary health care provided by trained staff.  $20 purchase three prizes for monthly BINGO fun.

These are just samples of where your generosity can impact the lives of others.