What Guardianship of Estate?

In 1990 Friends for Life began a guardianship program when we were asked to serve as legal guardian for a man who had been found unconscious.  He was unable to make medical decisions and he had no family who could intervene on his behalf.

A guardianship is formed when a judge has determined that a person (ward) is unable to care for themselves because of a physical or mental condition and cannot manage their own financial affairs.

There are two types of guardians; person and estate.  The guardian of the person makes the decisions for the ward regarding where the ward lives and any medical decisions.  The guardian of the estate handles the ward’s finances and assets. Friends for Life serves as guardian for clients in over 80 counties in Texas.


For more information contact:

Beverly Heaton (Guardianship of Estate) at beverly@friendsforlife.org or 2584.772.7600 ext. 151

Clifford Walker (Guardianship of person) at clifford@friendsforlife.org or 254.772.7600 ext. 121

Velinda Moody (Referral Specialist)  at velinda@friendsforlife.org or 254.772.7600 ext. 119

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