We ♥ our Volunteer Valentines

This past Sunday, February 10th, Friends for Life held a volunteer appreciation event called We ♥ our volunteer Valentines. During this event, Inez Russell, founder, and executive director shared how we could not do the work we do today without all our volunteers. She shared a story from the beginning of Friends for Life when she needed to make 300 corsages for a local nursing home, but she had no money and no idea how to make a corsage. She went to a flower store and filled up her cart with everything she thought could be made into a corsage, even though she had no money. As she walked towards cash registers the cashier said, “Are you, Inez Russell?” At this time Friends for Life was still small and she had no clue how this guy knew her. He said there’s someone looking for you and pointed out this lady. Inez walked up to the lady and she gave Inez $40. She said she woke up this morning and God told her to find Inez and give it to her. Inez thanked her and headed back to the cashier. They rang up all of the flowers she had and the total was $39.94. When Inez got back to the office she spread the flowers out in a shared meeting room table and stared at them having no clue how to make a corsage, then this lady appeared in the doorway and asked her what she was doing. Inez told her that she needed to make these corsages and the lady exclaims “Oh, I love making corsages” and joined her. A little bit later another lady showed up who also loved to make you Corsages. These two volunteers put together all 300 Corsages by the end of the day. Inez explained how God works in amazing ways to help us do his work and to this to this day Inez still does not know how to make a corsage.  

After Inez shared her story, she invited up a few other volunteers to share their volunteering story. We had Mike Harkin share about how he got involved with Friends for Life and how he continues to serve by placing weekly telephone reassurance phone calls and helping every Thanksgiving. Mary Cunningham shares about her experiences in the daycare and how the client's giver her more than she gives them. Then finally we had Morgan Halverson who shared her experience with our adopt-a-grandparent program. Morgan is a Baylor student who adopted a grandparent at the beginning of last semester and she absolutely loves it. She spends time every week hanging out, watching Hallmark movies, talking or just anything to spend time together. Morgan talked about how her Adopt-A-Grandmother continues to give her advice about guys and keep telling her “you’ll find the right guy someday.” 

We then handed out a recognition plaque to all our volunteers that were signed by our clients. There were lots of snacks and desserts donated by local bakeries such as Lula Jane's, Mo Cookies, Simply Delicious Bakery, Sweetness Desserts, CakeAmor, Hewitt Florist, and Delightful Hearts Sweet Treats. We would also like to thank Channel 25, Channel 10, the Waco Trib, and The Baylor Lariat for covering our event!

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