Tomorrow's My Birthday

I got a call from an elderly man who said, “My rocking chair’s broke.  Can you fix my rocking chair?  It’s all I have.”  “Well, I am not sure, but I’ll try to find someone who can fix your rocking chair”.  Then he said, “Tomorrow’s my birthday.”  I said, “that’s great.  What are you getting for your birthday?” “Nothing.  I never get anything for my birthday.”  “Oh, well, if you were going to get something, what would you want it to be?”  “200 piece puzzles and salmon croquettes.  Do you have any salmon croquettes?”  “No, we don’t have any here but I might be able to find someone to make you some”.

Volunteers went all over town looking for 200 piece puzzles because while there are lots of puzzles that size for children, it is a little tougher to find those for adults.  And, I asked a widow if she would make salmon croquettes.  The next morning we delivered his birthday presents (two grocery bags full of puzzles & salmon croquettes).  He called me at 10am.  “I worked all my puzzles and ate my salmon croquettes.”  “Happy Birthday.” Please contact Inez at 254-772-8100 x 106.

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