“Kevin” came to us when he was 18 and had aged out of the CPS system. It isn’t often I have such a young person to represent for guardianship. I first started visiting Kevin when he was still in high school. When I went to the school for a visit, it was clear to me why his teachers, the principal, and other students sung his praises. Kevin was extremely kind, living, generous, and independent. We always talked sports on our visits. He loved basketball and track and made both teams his junior year. It didn’t matter to the other students that he had special needs. He was fast and helped his team place in several meets and won many ribbons. His senior year he continued to run track and enjoyed all the things all the other seniors did, including prom. Kevin took his date to dinner in a limo and afterwards they danced the night away. We would talk about this for many months after because he had such a great time and had made such great memories. Kevin graduated while his family and I sat teary eyed in the audience. Over the past several years Kevin has made great strides in life. He works in the community and continues to grow more independent each day. Kevin began asking when he could be his own guardian. Shortly after, I began working with his MHMR service coordinator and just this month, Kevin has been given his rights. He will no longer be under guardianship as he has proved to me, MHMR, and his doctors that he has the capacity and ability to be on his own. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for Kevin, I am so proud of the young man he has become and I expect great things for him.


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