The Tile Prayer

When we were remodeling our facility, we found a great deal on tile for our reception area.  The area was measured and we bought the tile and saved it.  When that time came and they began laying the tile, we discovered there wasn’t enough.  The tile man explained that tile comes in lots like carpet and buying more to finish the room would not look right unless we put the new tile inside a design.  But, we needed a border.  One of my board members went with me to pick out a border.  She warned me that wouldn’t have enough — that we would need to pick from samples and order the tile and that would delay everything.  When we got to the store, I found the perfect piece of tile and as we started to look up on the shelves to see if there might be some in stock she said, ‘what are the odds?’  And, then she said, ‘wait, I prayed the tile prayer.’  When we looked up there were boxes and boxes of the tile we needed.  I don’t recall seeing any other — just the one we needed. Please contact Inez at 254-772-8100 x 106.

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