The Free Cruise

An 89 year old called us one day saying. “I am the stupidest old woman who ever drew a breath!”  A nice young man had called to tell her she had won a ‘free cruise’ so she signed up! She thought it was a little strange when he asked for a credit card.

“I knew I couldn’t use it since I can hardly walk, but I thought, if it’s free I’ll give it away to someone.”  But then I got my credit card bill and there’s an $800.00 charge on it for that cruise!  I don’t know what to do!  I am so scared….I am just so stupid, can’t believe it!  I don’t have $800, what am I going to do?”

We assured her that she wasn’t stupid.  We told her that lots of people bought the ‘free cruise’.  Then we called on her behalf and, in spite of a firm policy against refunds, they issued her a credit for the full amount.

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