The Electric Bill

We first met her when we got a call from someone who was concerned because she was driving recklessly.  When we caught up with her we discovered she sat on several telephone books so that she could see out the windshield.  She was desperately trying to hold on to her independence but osteoporosis made it almost impossible for her to drive.

I could barely hear her one day when she called.  I knew she needed help.  All I could really make out was ‘hot’.  She was close to ninety.  She had advanced osteoporosis.  She had been in the hospital and she had taken a cab home.  Her electricity had been turned off while she was gone and in July it is really hot in Texas.  It was over a hundred degrees in her house.  On the little table by her chair in the living room was an envelope.  It was her electric bill.  She had forgotten to mail it.  We called the electric company and they turned on her electricity immediately.

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