Sweet Lady and her Sister

I have a sweet, quiet 87 elder client who has a spunky younger sister. The younger sister and I meet periodically to have lunch of dinner. We do this to touch base on her sister but also because we enjoy each others company. I was invited to her 85th birthday party in February and I attended. It was held in one of the oldest Baptist churches here in San Antonio. It was nice to hear many stories about how our client, her sister/siblings grew up. The godson of our client is a Deacon in the Dallas area and gave a surprise ‘sermon’. I was thrilled because I had never seen such audience participation. And song after song, sung from the hearts of all. I was the only quiet but smiling one. After the celebration, I was introduced to family/friends and they extended their gratitude to Friends for Life for all that has been done for our client. Our client’s daughter was there and cried when she met me. She has had a rough life – in and out of prison, almost killed by her old gang members. She told me that she thanks God every day that her mama is loved by Friends for Life because she has failed her many times. I found out that she is the one that has been doing her mama’s hair all this time, (I thought it was staff). I told her that it always looks beautiful, she smiled.

I went home grateful that our client, at least in her younger years, was full of life and loved by many. Well, she’s still loved by many but the life she lived is locked behind her cute dimples.


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