Staff Spotlight – Director & Assistant Director of Guardianship

Clifford Walker

Clifford is the Director of the Guardianship Program at Friends for Life and has dedicated his life to advocating for individuals who cannot advocate for themselves.  He is a Master Guardian and a National Certified Guardian and has over 22 years in the field.  He is a true warrior for our clients.  In his spare time, he enjoys rooting for the LSU Tigers, participating in Toastmasters, spending time with his family and taking care of Dixie. 


Cindi Brown

Cindi is the Assistant Director of the Friends for Life Guardianship Program.  She is a Master Social Worker and a National Certified Guardian.  Cindi has a heart for advocating for those who cannot advocate for themselves.  She has been with FFL for over 12 years and is a champion for our clients.  When Cindi is not working, she enjoys reading, cheering on Arkansas and UT, attending concerts, spending time with her husband, children, and grandchildren. 

Written by Jennifer Seay

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