So, What Exactly Does Friends for Life Do?


That’s a question we get a lot. Do we rescue fur babies?  No.  Although we love animals, and have an adorable pooch running around our office every day named Oreo, that’s not our mission. We’ll leave that up to Fuzzy Friends.  Our mission is to care for Seniors and people with disabilities – the really forgotten members of our community.


So, How Do We Do That?

Friends for Life has Five Programs that target needs in different areas and depends on Volunteers to Make them all a success.

      1. Independent Living (sometimes referred to as Aging in Place) provides support and
        Yard clean-up by a church group helps our seniors age in place.

        encouragement for people living on their own.  Volunteers provide transportation to medical appointments or shopping.  They deliver food from Caritas or help with home repairs Volunteers make telephone reassurance calls to check on well-being and provide a friendly visit for someone who is lonely. Many groups in our area tackle projects that make it possible for seniors to stay in their homes instead of living in a nursing facility. We could not do what we do without our wonderful volunteers.


        1. Quality of Life Program provides recognition and encouragement through our Adopt a Grandparent program, Friends for Thanksgiving and Gifts for Grannies and Grandpas, too.  This program also depends on our wonderful volunteers to make it work. 
        2. Money Management helps those who need it manage their money.  The program is made payee by the federal agency paying benefits, such as Social Security or the VA.  We set up a separate bank account for each person, pay all the monthly bills and provide weekly spending money depending on the budget.  This program is a great safety net for people in danger of losing their independence because they are having problems managing money.  Volunteers are used in this program to make calls and personal visits to our clients.

          Bill Williams is a former banker who now lends his expertise in Money Manager.


          1. Guardianship provides service to individuals that are unable to make decisions for themselves.  The need for guardianship is determined by a court and is based on medical information from a doctor.  If Friends for Life is named guardian by the court, there is no other family or friends willing or suitable to provide the assistance that person needs.  Depending on the court’s direction, we make medical and financial decisions, secures safe and appropriate living arrangements and works to ensure the best quality of life possible for all the clients in the guardianship program.  Volunteers are needed in this program to be friendly visitors.


        1. The Adult Day Center is a happening place at Friends for Life with up to 120 people ranging in age from 19 to 92 on a day to day basis.   Two meals plus a healthy snack are provided daily as well as planned activities. We play bingo or sing along with a karaoke, dance, take field trips to museums and movies, do arts and crafts and in general, have a blast.   Having their loved ones taken care of every day provides caregivers the time to work or enjoy a much needed break. Volunteers help with activities and have the opportunity to interact one on one with the clients. 

    Friends for Life’s programs are designed to assist the most vulnerable in our community to live the fullest life possible.  Would you like to join us in our work? We’d love to have you. We also provide tours of our facility.  To volunteer or schedule a tour, contact Donna Baugh at or 254-772-7600 ext 110



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