Secret Santa Claus

Bill works in our Money Management Program and one of the people he helps is a frail, elderly lady.  He has been helping her for several years.  She lives alone.  Her income is tiny, but he makes it work for her.  She doesn’t have many bills except for the ambulances.  Each time her health failed, she called an ambulance and the charge was $600.   And, if the hospital didn’t keep her overnight, Medicare didn’t pay any of the bill.  If they did keep her, she still had to pay 20% of the charge.  Bill worked out a deal with the ambulance company.  Each month he sends them $50 on her ambulance bills.

Today the ambulance company called Bill.  They are sending her $50 back.  Just before Christmas a man came to their company and asked for the name of someone who was struggling to pay his or her bill. This secret Santa paid her entire bill. Want more info on Money Management please contact Bill at 254-772-8100 x 116.

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