Quality of Life – Volunteer Spotlight

One of our biggest Quality of Life Programs is Friends for Thanksgiving. Every year we prepare, package and deliver over 450 meals on Thanksgiving morning. It would not be possible without the help of our amazing volunteers especially these 5 volunteers who run it. Frank Alexander organizes and runs the kitchen, Mike and Trenace organize and run the assembly line to package the food, and Ric and Patty Klein organize and hand out maps to make delivering the meal easy.

Mike & Trenace

Mike started volunteering for FFL about 8 years ago, but he and his wife started working with Friends for Thanksgiving about 6 years ago. They currently live in Round Rock and Mike calls Telephone Reassurance clients weekly.  Mike and Trenace have made Friends for Thanksgiving a tradition and regularly go above and beyond to make sure our clients are remembered on Thanksgiving.  At Thanksgiving a few years back, we were short 7 meals due to an unusual circumstance. Mike and Trenace found a local restaurant preparing Thanksgiving meals, purchased them and personally delivered them to the remaining clients. According to Mike, Thanksgiving just wouldn’t be the same without helping remember Friends for Life’s clients.

Ric & Patty

Ric and Patty started volunteering with FFL in 2007 by delivering presents to seniors for Gifts for Grannies. While making deliveries they noticed it took too much time locating the addresses of the many clients they visited which made their time with each person limited. So, they decided to create a system of printing maps for both Thanksgiving and Christmas deliveries. Every year they print over 600 maps with detailed instructions to help speed up deliveries so volunteers can spend more time with each client.

Frank Alexander

Frank has been volunteering with Friends for Life for many years.  Every Thanksgiving, he is one of the first people in the building to begin preparing food for over 450 meals.  Frank recruits at least 10 volunteers to help him on Thanksgiving morning to prepare the mashed potatoes and gravy, slice the turkey, and heat up the green beans. Thanks to him this runs smoothly every year, but Thanksgiving is the only way Frank volunteers at FFL. Frank also visits our Adult Day Care every year as Santa. A simple visit from Santa is very meaningful to our clients.



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