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30 years ago, Inez Russell, founder, and executive director started Friends for Life with one volunteer. Her goal was to help seniors without family support to age in place as independently as possible. She also developed volunteer projects to improve the quality of life for seniors who are alone. These volunteer projects have evolved into what is now our Quality of Life Program.

Inez started with recruiting volunteers to visit people in private homes, nursing homes, or the hospital. This lead to the development of the Adopt-A-Grandparent program, which is one of her favorite programs. In that program, volunteers are matched to seniors with the goal of building lasting relationships. Many times, these relationships become like family and last for years.

Some of our other Quality of Life programs include Friends for Thanksgiving, Gifts for Grannies and Grandpas Too, Telephone Reassurance, and Pen Pal/Birthday Cards. The two biggest programs are Friends for Thanksgiving and Gifts for Grannies and Grandpas Too. Friends for Thanksgiving delivers over 450 meals on Thanksgiving morning with the help of around 200 volunteers. Gifts for Grannies gives around 2000 gifts to seniors and people with disabilities for birthdays, Christmas and sometimes other holidays too. Telephone Reassurance and Pen Pal/Birthday Card programs both are ways that we show clients that they are not forgotten.

If you are interested in volunteering in any of these programs you can apply here or contact our volunteer coordinator, Easton at easton@friendsforlife.org or 254.772.8100 ext. 110

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