One Thousand Dollars for Lunch

I received a call from Adult Protective Services in a neighboring county. “I know you don’t serve this county, but we have an elderly lady who is starving to death. There is no one to take care of her. I’ll understand if you can’t help.” I called each of our board members. They all agreed we should help. Left alone, this lady would starve to death. She was writing checks, large checks (many as much as a thousand dollars) to strangers who came to her door, begging them to bring her food. Some brought her food, some just took the money.  Her hip had disintegrated and she could not move without excruciating pain. She could not care for herself or her dogs. She had a brother, but he lived on the other side of the world. We got her a new hip, a safe place to live and people to take care of her. Please contact Inez for more info at 254-772-8100 x 106.

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