After being referred by 211, Sarah called Friends for Life for some assistance. She needed some help with her lawn, which was in pretty bad condition. It needed mowing, trimming, leaves raked, flower beds cleaned out, and a dead tree cut down and hauled off. She also had a wooden swing in the backyard that she wanted moved to the front porch. She said she loves to sit in her sing in the shade and “meditate”.

Sarah is 65 years old, lives alone and is in bad health. She has clinical depression, COPD, needs assistance walking, and has a trachea in her throat for breathing assistance. She lives on very little and gets some assistance. Although she has a couple of relatives living in Abilene, they never find time to help her with her needs.

One of the churches that partners with Friends for Life on occasion had planned a work day for its members.  They wanted to help others in the community that were in need. The minister called Friends for Life to see if we had any requests that were not filled. When he was told of Sarah’s need, he chose her for his church’s project.

Ten members and three of their children worked for over three hours taking care of Sarah’s chores in the yard. They also repaired some boards on her sing, painted it, and moved it to the front porch so she could enjoy her quiet time in it.

After the project was over, she called Friends for Life and expressed her deepest appreciation for the labors of the church members. She said they went above and beyond her request. She called a second time to say how happy their gesture of love had made her.

-Abilene Office

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