Money Management Program

The Friends for Life Money Management Program provides representative payee services for seniors and people with disabilities who are in danger of losing independence because of an inability to manage financial matters.  Many of our clients have come to us because of exploitation by neighbors, friends and sometimes even family.  These people can continue to live independently in apartments or private homes with support in financial matters from FFL.

In 1995, Friends for Life was asked to help an elderly woman who was about to be evicted because she had not paid her rent.  With the help of trained volunteers, FFL staff interceded with creditors, helped her apply for benefits and set up budgets and paid her bills.  This was just the beginning.

Since that time, the program has grown to provide services in several areas of the state not just McLennan County.  We have clients in East Texas, West Texas, Central Texas and all the way down to Galveston.  Our clients range from three persons with disabilities under the age of 30 to three seniors over the age of 91 and all ages in between.   A little more than 36% of our clients are at the poverty level and receive benefits from the federal government but we also serve individuals with larger income and/or assets without family or friends willing or suitable to help. 

Since 1995, the FFL Money Management Program has helped hundreds of seniors and people with disabilities to live independently without worrying about creditors or about having enough money to cover expenses.   

For more information about the program,  please contact Donna Baugh, Charlie Turner or Sally Flores at 254-772-7600. 

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