Meet Monica Rodriguez


Monica has been an Estate Specialist for 9 months.

What’s your favorite part of working with Friends for Life? “My favorite part of working with Friends for Life is serving our clients and getting to be a part of the joy and gratefulness they show.”

How many clients do you serve? “I serve twelve clients.”

Tell me a little about what you do at work on a daily basis? “I pay bills for our clients almost daily. I gather information when they need to be on Medicaid and Medicaid renewals. I make various phone calls, fax needed documents and emails to our care managers. I sort and file their mail. I prepare documentation if they need property sold and help with annual accounts. I will write checks for their stipends to be filled by the bank. I do my best to make sure their financial needs are met.”

What do you like to do for fun outside of work? “I enjoy playing with my grandson, playing with my children, watching them play sports, going to church, having barbeques with my friends, family, and taking my family on outings.”


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