Marketing expert says volunteers ‘essential’

By Caroline Cumby 


Dr. James Roberts, Ph.D.

Far too often, people fall subject to evils such as poverty, hunger, and even loneliness. But those who feel forgotten have champions fighting for them daily. One of these champions is Friends for Life, an organization fighting for the lives of the forgotten daily, attempting to give them the fullest life possible.


Dr. James Roberts, a nonprofit marketing professor at Baylor University and an expert in Marketing research, agreed to be interviewed to share his take on how Friends for Life is succeeding in the nonprofit realm. We wanted to get Dr. Roberts’ opinion on the importance of volunteerism, something that is highly emphasized in the nonprofit realm.

Q&A with Dr. Roberts
Question: What is your official title, and what is your expertise in nonprofits or marketing?
Answer: I am the director of the Center for Nonprofit Leadership & Service and professor of Marketing. I have worked with nonprofits at all levels from board memberships to raising money through my fundraising efforts.

Question: What is your history with Inez and Friends for Life?
Answer: I have known Inez for about three years. I first met her when she agreed to be a nonprofit partner in my nonprofit marketing class.

Question: How have you seen volunteerism impact nonprofits you have worked with?
Answer: Volunteers are essential to the success of most nonprofits. Volunteers not only do important tasks but also donate to the charities where they volunteer and also help spread the word about these nonprofits.

Question: How has Friends for Life impacted Waco community positively as a nonprofit?
Answer: Friends for Life serves the underserved. Those who would fall through the cracks without organizations like Friends for Life. 

What is the connection between Friends for Life and the need for nonprofit volunteers? 

There is only one Inez Russell. There are an infinite amount of people in need of someone’s help. Organizations like Friends for Life rely on people willing to gift their time and attention so that they can remember the people who feel forgotten.

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