How to Make a Difference: One Special Baylor Volunteer

John Savage our FFL Volunteer and Carr P. Collins Scholar at Baylor

Every year a special group of Freshmen enter Baylor University.  They do not seek notoriety and to most people they look like average students.  They attend class, work hard and have fun just like every other student.  Underneath their ‘normal’ exterior these Carr P. Collins Scholarship winners have a passion to serve the greater good.   

In order to receive this scholarship, students must be in the top ¼ of their class, have astronomical test scores, reside in Texas and be involved in distinct service projects in their community.  When they get to Baylor they have to keep their grades up and continue to serve.  

Over the years Friends for Life has had several Carr P. Collins Scholars use us as their outlet for community service.  John Savage is a good example of these outstanding volunteers.  When John came to talk with us about Friends for Life, he wanted to go to work immediately even though it was a Saturday.  We got busy and found two clients who were thrilled to have a visitor show interest in their lives.  John has volunteered primarily in the Adult Day Center but he is always willing to step in if needed in another role.  He has changed the light bulb in the kitchen of an 88-year-old woman just home from the hospital who called because she couldn’t see in her kitchen.  He assisted in transporting clients in wheelchairs and others to attend the Grandparents Day Celebration at FFl on September 10; he stayed to visit and make the celebration special for everyone who attended.  He is a remarkable young man and we are lucky to have him working with us at Friends for Life.   

Each year Baylor hosts a dinner to honor these Scholar/Leaders and this year was particularly full of Friends for Life volunteers.  This could be due to one of the unique requirements of this scholarship program.  The former recipients maintain mentoring relationships with current scholarship students. 

The Executive Director of Friends for Life, Inez Russell said, Each year, Friends for Life is honored to be included as part of the Carr P. Collins Scholarship Program.  We have been participating for at least 15 years and it was particularly humbling this year to hear so many of the scholars talk about their work with Friends for Life and how our clients had changed their lives.  I commend Bill Dube on the amazing job he does organizing this program and connecting the scholars with us and other nonprofits in the Waco community as well as with each other.” 

Do you need a place to serve the community?  If you are interested in serving others through Friends for Life, please contact Donna Baugh who can get you connected! 

We help the most vulnerable live the fullest life possible.  

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