Life Skills Program: Staff Spotlight

Crystal Garcia was one of the first trainers hired when the Life Skills Program at FFL began to ramp up.  Crystal has lived in the Waco area all her life.  She has worked in different jobs over the years but her last position, working with a severely disabled young man in a home setting, led her to Friends for Life’s new Life Skills Program in March of 2018.  The training that she received from behavioral therapists for the previous job allowed her to jump right in working with her clients at Royal Manor and her results were impressive.  Even though the clients were at different cognitive and physical levels, each person improved significantly through the one on one daily interaction and training.

In May of 2018, Crystal was promoted and currently supervises 16 Life Skills Trainers that work in McLennan, Falls, Bosque, Hill, and Limestone Counties.   She is just as effective as as supervisor as she was as a trainer.  

“We have a great team of trainers that all have big hearts”, stated Crystal.  “The trainers give so much love and time to their individual clients but each would say they get back much more than they give.”  

“All of the employees in the Life Skills Program are so committed to the program and to their clients”, stated Donna Baugh, director of the program. “It is very rewarding work to make such a difference in the lives of others who have been previously overlooked.  Crystal used a great analogy to describe one of her first clients when she said he was like a flower that opened up and reached for the sun.” 

Donna continued, “Crystal is an integral part of the success of the Life Skills Program.  Her commitment to the program, the trainers and the clients served by the program has definitely helped us to build a good foundation for this important program.”  

For more information about the Life Skills program, contact Donna at or Crystal at

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