Inez Russell, Executive Director of Friends for Life named CNN Hero

Heroes Logo new tag v1aFriends for Life’s Executive Director, Inez Russell, has been chosen by CNN as a CNN Hero.

CNN Heroes honors everyday people for their selfless, creative efforts to help others. CNN receives thousands of nominations from around the world and each week features just one.

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Gary Vogel, President of the Friends for Life Board of Directors, said about the award, “This is such a wonderful honor for Inez. She has dedicated her life to serving the elderly and adults with disabilities in the Waco area and around the state. Being honored on such a broad platform will bring so much recognition and awareness to the invaluable service that Friends for Life has offered for more than a quarter of a century.

In 1989, Inez Russell started Friends for Life in an effort to meet the needs of elderly and people with disabilities who lacked support and family.  Over the past 25 years, Friends for Life has expanded into 81 counties in Texas making it possible to reach thousands more.  Read the story and watch the CNN Heroes video here.

7 thoughts on “Inez Russell, Executive Director of Friends for Life named CNN Hero

  1. Salli Reply

    Well deserved, God bless you all for the work that you have done!

    Salli Flannery

  2. Angela Reply

    What an inspiring story, and organization. I hope others see this story, and are inspired to help. We need more people like this in our world.

  3. Glenda Reply

    This story truly inspired me to be a part of this service. I am going to try and locate any similar group in Missouri around the St. Louis area.

    • inez Reply

      I wish we had funding that would allow us to be in your area. Sadly, we don’t. However, there is a network of organizations who provide similar services. It is the National Volunteer Caregiver Network. I am not very technical so I don’t know if it works to put a website in these comments, so I will email it to you. Thank you for having a heart to help. I can tell you from personal experience, it will bless you as much or more than those you serve. Best wishes.

  4. Farah Ardeshir Reply

    I thank you for starting Friends for Life and want to support this organization. Watching your story put out a call to me to honor your work and take part in my town! For years, I cared for my own grandmother by doing things like grocery shopping, going to the bank, and being my Nana’s best friend– I even taught her how to text message. How can I participate in Florida? Do you have organization partners in other states?

    • inez Reply

      Farah, thank you for your comments. My grandma taught me so much about taking care of people in need. I treasure the time I had with her. Although we are not in Florida, there are similar organizations there. You can learn more about them through the National Volunteer Caregiver Network. I will email you their website. If we ever are able to come to Florida, I will contact you. Blessings.

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