Here is a letter we received from one of our Money Management Clients

01 MoneyMgmt-2“Before I got on Friends for Life, my bank account was always in the red. I never could get caught up. Even just paying rent and utility bills would have me in the red.

Friends for Life is a money management program. Your check goes to them and they put it in an account in your name and your bills go to them and Friends for Life pays them.

Recently my money manager (Francie Jensen) gave me $100.00 of my money they had put back for me to buy personal clothing and a pair of tennis shoes.
She sent me a gift card and every Monday she puts money on my card to buy groceries and medicine. And today Francie put enough money on my card to purchase a brand new washing machine at Sears.

She is a wonderful Christian lady and she cares. I respect that.”
About Money Management
06 IMG_0092In 1995, we were asked to manage money for an elderly woman who was about to be evicted because she had not paid her rent in a year. With the help of trained volunteers, we intercede with creditors, help with budgets, assist with accessing benefits, balance checkbooks, reconcile bank statements and pay bills. We also help people access benefits and connect with resources in the community. This past year, Friends for Life served over 600 people through its Money Management Programs. This program helps prevent exploitation of the elderly in our community.

If you would like to help seniors live independently, free of exploitation, please donate here. We appreciate your help!

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