Gifts for Grannies and Grandpas, too

Gifts for Grannies and Grandpas, too is one of the most fun projects at Friends for Life.  Each year, FFL  collects donations of gift items from the community.  These gifts are wrapped and delivered to seniors and persons with disabilities that might not be remembered at Christmas.  Volunteers help with donations, do the wrapping and all the delivery.  This project which started small has grown throughout the years to epic proportions.  In 2016, volunteers delivered 1450 gift bags, each of which contained more than one item festively wrapped.

We are already beginning to collect donations for the special project.  If you would like to donate, here is a link to a list with suggestions:

Gifts for Grannies & Grandpas, too suggestions

We have donation boxes available if you would like to have one at your place of business.  Call Donna Baugh at 254-772-7600 for more information.

Some people prefer to purchase specific gifts.  For example, one family asks us to give them the requests for clothing in hard to fit sizes, clothing not readily available.  Another wants special requests that are difficult to find.  If you would prefer to donate in that manner, please call Donna Baugh at 254-772-7600.

If you would like to help us wrap all these donated presents, the wrap parties are December 9th and 16th, both Saturdays, from 9:00 AM until 12:00 noon.  We’ll have Christmas music, cookies and lots of fun.

If you would like to help deliver, please call Donna Baugh at 254-772-7600.  The delivery is organized by zip code and maps are provided.  This is a great project for families.  The personal visit is usually just as or more important than the gift.


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