Friends for Life Adult Day Care Kitchen Earns a Perfect Score!

This is Kay Hodgens, our Adult Day Care Cook, who manages meal prep, serving meals, and keeping everything in tip-top order in our Friends for LIfe Adult Day Care Kitchen.  The Waco Department of Health regularly inspects every kitchen facility serving food to the public, and does a very thorough job of making sure every aspect of food preparation, storage, serving, and cleanliness of the kitchen follows a high standard. So thorough that a perfect score is a very big deal.  Our Adult Day Care Kitchen has a perfect score, thanks to the hard work of Kathy and her staff!

The photo shows Ms. Hodgens about to bring out a batch of our diner’s favorite cookies, and the smell in the kitchen was amazing!  The kitchen serves our ADC clients, currently near maximum enrollment at 117, breakfast, dinner and a snack daily.  Not all clients come for every meal, so that’s roughly 200 meals a day, plus snacks. I was in the dining room the other day and saw the enthusiasm shown by the clients when Ms. Hodgens was serving them at their tables from her cart.  There was a lot of excitement in that room about the food coming out!

Thank you, Kathy and all the staff in our Adult Day Care, for blessing our clients with tasty meals and keeping our kitchen orderly and clean!

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