Friends for Thanksgiving Volunteers , Ric and Patty Klein Make a Difference

These Friends for Thanksgiving Volunteers Are 10-Year Veterans.


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“We started volunteering for Friends for Life in 2007. Our first project was a weekend spent delivering presents to the homes of seniors for the Gifts for Grannies (and Grandpas too) program. While making deliveries, we recognized a common fear in a majority of the 25 we visited  ̶  they didn’t want to be alone. The fear was so great, the time to visit with each person often became more important than the actual gift itself. You could see it in their smiles.

“But, there was one area we knew needed improvement. It took too much time locating the addresses of the 25 people we visited that our time with them was limited.  After that, we visited with Inez and volunteered to create a system for printing maps for both Thanksgiving and Christmas deliveries. Now in our tenth year, and using data provided by the FFL staff, we research and print over 500 maps with detailed instructions just before Thanksgiving. The maps are then sorted and distributed to volunteers with a primary goal of helping speed up the deliveries of both Thanksgiving meals and Christmas gifts. This system has a double bonus. The volunteers can spend time with the seniors and get home in time for their family dinner.

“We do it because it makes a difference. Although we work behind the scenes, we help dozens of volunteers reach hundreds of others, so they do not feel left alone for the holidays. We have seen volunteers come back each year, families that make these deliveries a holiday tradition, and most important, volunteers who have built friendships with those they serve. Why wouldn’t we come back every year?”

About Ric and Patty Klein

Raised in Washington state, Ric’s career path took him to Lodi, California in 1988, where he met Patty who was a Lodi native and employed by the same company.  After two years of building a great friendship, they were married in 1990. During the next ten years, they disproved the myths “married couples can’t work together” and “moving can be a hardship.” Why? Except for one year, they worked together for the same companies all the while living in nine different locations.

In 2001, Ric and Patty moved to Waco to join Creative Education Institute (CEI) a Meyer Family company which develops educational software. Today, Ric is President of CEI and Patty recently became Director of Operations for Leadership Management International, which was also founded by Paul J. Meyer. And although the string of working for the same companies broke after 25 years, their offices are just feet apart in the same building.

More volunteers are needed each year for both meal and gift preparations, as well as deliveries. Help God answer prayers by giving freely of your time and resources.

YOU too can make a difference! Contact Donna Baugh at 254-772-7600  or for more information.



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