For those we serve:

  • Flat Screen TV for new Unit 5 of our Adult Day Center
  • Wal-Mart or HEB gift cards.  So many of our clients are on fixed incomes and struggle to make it from one month to the next.  These gift cards help them purchase food and personal items.
  • Gift cards from restaurants.  When there is barely enough money for food, rent, utilities and phone, there is no money for eating out.  It is a very special treat for our clients to be able to go out to eat — even if it is once a year on birthdays.
  • Glue Sticks for Arts & Crafts in our Adult Day Center.
  • Items for our Adult Day Care Kitchen.  Serving cart, cerea
  • Bingo Prizes.  One of the favorite activities in our Adult Day Center is Bingo,  Our clients LOVE to win prizes.  They are not the least bit picky about what the prize is.   They are just so proud to win!
  • Canned Goods & Nonperishable Food Items.   We keep a very small food pantry for client emergencies —- when they need food and we are not able to get to the food bank in time.
  • Ensure for our Independent Living Clients

So we can serve:

  • Postage Stamps.  We pay bills for hundreds of clients each month who have barely enough money to pay their bills.  We pay as many as possible online to avoid the cost of postage, but we still need hundreds of stamps each month.
  • Laptop computers:  1 for Waco, 2 for Tyler, 3 for Abilene
  • Sheet Protectors
  • Multi-Purpose Copy Paper
  • Your support so that we can continue to reach out to people in need
  • Frequent Flyer Miles – so we can send staff for needed training at conferences

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