We are what we value and our values show who we are.  At Friends for Life our Core Values are not merely a wish list or nice words placed on a wall.  These Core Values define who we are and how we will act as individuals within our organization and as we serve others.


  • Never say anything about anyone that we would not say to him or her.
  • Make only commitments we intend to keep.
  • Work in a manner where we are always “above reproach.”
  • Uphold the health and reputation of Friends for Life.
  • Communicate honestly and with purpose.

Professional Teamwork

  • Avoid negative conversations with colleagues. 
  • Understand before being understood.   
  • Work toward a win-win solution. 
  • Be a problem solver not a problem finder.   
  • Recognize the positive contribution of others. 

Compassionate Service

  • Treat others as we want to be treated. 
  • Value each person as a unique individual. 
  • Empower others to reach their full potential. 
  • Listen with the heart. 
  • Choose kindness.