Cooking on a Space Heater

She was given a turkey for the holidays, but she didn’t have a stove. She really wanted to have a Christmas dinner, so she wrapped the turkey in foil and cooked it for twenty two hours on her space heater. This lady’s house was falling down around her with plumbing leaking so badly that in order to bathe her, her home health care worker had to turn the water on at the street, heat the water in a coffee pot, fill the tub with water, bathe her, and then go back out to the street to turn the water off.

She owed money to loan companies – lots of loan companies. In fact, $390 of her $420 a month income was supposed to go to loan companies. It took us almost two years to help her pay off all her bills, but every loan company was paid. We got a grant for her to fix up her house, including a stove (no more cooking on the space heater). I kneeled down beside her wheel chair one day and she said, “I prayed God would send someone to help me and I know God sent you to me.” Please contact Inez for more info at 254-772-8100 x 106.

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