Before It's Too Late

She got up that day and fixed her hair.
Spent time deciding just what she should wear.
When she was content with herself once more,
She wheeled to the lobby to wait by the door.

She searched the faces of each one who came,
Waiting for someone who’d call her by name.
“Where are you going? And who will you see?
Do you have some time to spend here with me?”

Each one who comes by has someone to see.
I guess it’s someone more special than me.

By the end of day, her head in her hands,
She wonders if God really understands
Why day after day and year after year,
Days begin with hope and dissolve in fear.

She’s old now, crippled, away from her home.
But that’s not as bad as being alone.
She goes to her room and retreats to bed.
Withdraws to memories she stored in her head.

Now she won’t get out of bed anymore.
She doesn’t get dressed to wait by the door.

The bright, shiny eyes that searched the faces
Are dull and lifeless – just empty blue cases.
They talk about her as though she’s not there
Because all they see is a vacant stare.

At the end of her life she didn’t ask much
Someone to talk to, to listen, to touch.
To embrace a child, be hugged by a friend,
To have someone there when you reach the end.

Five million people are alone I’m told.
Fragile and frightened, forgotten and old.

I wish I could look each one in the eyes
Take hold of their hands make them realize.
Someone is coming to love them – to care.
Someone is coming, yes, do fix your hair.

Get up and get ready.  It is not the end.
Somebody loves you.  You do have a friend.
There is an answer.  We can change each life.
If we match those in need with friends for life.

Working together, we can end the wait.
Help us help them now before it’s too late.

by Inez Russell, Founder, Friends for Life

Please contact Inez for more info at 254-772-8100 x 106.


 ©1991, Friends for Life.

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