Answered Prayer

The night before our the Open House of our Intergenerational Center, I prayed.  I knew I needed to be working on my speech for the next day, but I also knew we were supposed to issue payroll the following day and I wasn’t sure how we were going to do that.  I asked God if He wanted me to focus on payroll or the speech.  While I prayed a figure came into my mind – $50,000  and a sense of peace that made me know that we would be okay so I finished my speech.  The next day a precious couple came to the Open House to see our facility.   Before the Open House started they came and found me and said they had to leave.  They told me they had gone outside to Allie’s Place and sat down together and prayed.  They knew they wanted to give us a gift and they asked God how much to give.  They said, “He told both of us separately the same amount” and they gave me a check for $50,000 and said, “now you can make payroll!” Please contact Inez at 254-772-8100 x 106.

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