Adult Day Care Bowling Party

This summer, the men and women who are clients of our Adult Day Care Center (ADC) decided it would be fun to have a special bowling party, over and above their usual planned field trips they have each month.  In order for everyone to enjoy this special event, they had their own fundraiser. In two days of splashing and washing cars in front of our Meyer Family Intergenerational Center, they had lots of fun and raised enough money to meet their goal.

Last month members of the ADC team accompanied groups of our ADC clients to AMF Westview Bowling Lanes in Waco to enjoy the fruits of their labor. Everyone had a great time! Each group enjoyed two hours of bowling. AMF supplied the equipment to modify the bowling experience in accordance with some of our clients’ needs, and there was plenty of pizza and soft drinks!

This is the second year in a row our clients have chosen to do their own fundraiser and decide how they want to use the money they raised. They were very excited about their plan and their extra fun day and hope to do it again next year.

Thank you to everyone who came out to get your cars washed and partner with the ADC in their efforts.  Your friendship and support means so much to the ADC and Friends for Life. We have many, many ways you can volunteer to help and empower the elderly and adults with disabilities to live their best lives.

Just give us a call at Friends for Life (254) 772-7600.

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