Celebrating 25+ Years

Inez and Nathan Pic

“I searched for an organization that would give the elderly a support system when there was no family or when family could not meet the needs. When I couldn’t find anything, I started Friends for Life.   –Inez Russell”

In September of 1989, Inez Russell visited her father in a hospital when she discovered that the elderly and people with disabilities were in need. (Read the story of Friends for Life) She founded Friends for Life to address that need, and for the last twenty-five years, the support has been growing to reach people in more than 81 Texas counties.

Friends for Life continues celebrating 25+ years of support from communities across Texas. This work would not be possible without the support of volunteers, donors, students, community groups, churches, and more.

We hope that you know how much we appreciate you! Thank you for helping us to help so many people.

Over 25 years ago, Friends for life started with just one, unpaid employee. Now, we have a staff of more than 65.

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