quality-of-life-for-seniors | FRIENDS FOR LIFEOur Quality of Life for Seniors is the flagship program that launched the charity in 1989.  While the program’s mission remains the same, much has changed since then as hundreds of volunteers under the direction of Friends for Life take care of seniors – many in nursing homes who are without family. We have found that loneliness and isolation are huge issues among our elderly, so to let these people know how special they are, we have dozens of programs that remember them throughout the year.


quality-of-life-for-seniors | LAWNS LTD.

Friends for Life works with nursing homes throughout Waco and many parts of Texas. Our Quality of Life for Seniors volunteers spread joy to those who otherwise would not have anyone to remember them.



Here are some of the programs our Independent Living volunteers help us with:

  • Adopt a Grandparent – many Baylor students have adopted a grandparent and find it a fulfilling and quality-of-life-for-seniors |FRIENDS FOR LIFErich experience as they visit, read, and let a grand know that someone cares.
  • Telephone Reassurance – here’s a perfect project for a volunteer who may not be physically able to leave their own home but has the time and heart to call someone and chat. Unique relationships have developed over the years. Not only does this simple call eliminate the loneliness but breaks through the isolation.
  • Visiting – many of our volunteer groups visit nursing homes taking them unique gifts donated by them or others.
  • Reading to the Blind or Visually Impaired – this simple act of kindness by our volunteers brings hope to many who are homebound or in nursing homes.
  • Gifts for Grannies & Grandpas, too – each year, we collect items essentials for quality of Life for grands. Volunteers distribute them at Christmas time to those who may not receive another gift or card.
  • Friends for Thanksgiving – every Thanksgiving morning, volunteers gather to help with preparation for this special meal, then distribute to those who would be without a meal for Thanksgiving. Our volunteers tell us it has become a family tradition and the highlight of their holiday.
  • Gift Making & Craft Programs – here’s a great way to volunteer for those who love doing craft projects.
  • Pen Pals – volunteers are assigned a pen pal and keep up with them through letters and cards.
  • Music & Art – Do you play an instrument? Can you draw or paint? Would you like to perform or teach?  There are so many ways our volunteers share their talents.quality-of-life-for-seniors | FRIENDS FOR LIFE
  • Entertainment – Many of our volunteer groups perform at nursing homes, and the seniors love it.
  • Birthday Cards – we give our volunteers the names, addresses, and birth dates of those who would not be remembered otherwise.  Just a few minutes of a volunteer’s time can make all the difference in someone’s special day.

Look like something you’d like to do? See anything that fits your style and talents? Are you a member of a group that would like to serve? We need you! If you would like to volunteer, please CLICK HERE.  Need more information?  Please write the Area Coordinator: WacoCoordinator@friendsforlife.org. 

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