Our Money Management for Seniors | Persons with Disabilities program began in 1995, when Friends for Life was asked to manage money for an elderly woman who was about to be evicted because she had not paid her rent in a year.  With the help of trained volunteers, we interceded with creditors, helped with budgets, assisted with accessing benefits, balanced her checkbooks, reconciled bank statements and paid bills. Since then, the program has been in full-swing helping hundreds of those who could not live in their own homes without our help.

The Money Management for Seniors | Persons with Disabilities program is run by qualified, highly-trained staff who are bonded for security. Volunteers aid our staff, using their talents to help others. Last year alone, Friends for LIfe assisted 127 clients and paid over 3,400 bills.

Why is Money Management | Seniors Important?

Often, seniors and persons with disabilities who can take care of themselves and live in their own homes need help with their money. Without someone to help  with their finances, many times they are taken advantage of by neighbors, friends and even family, and often are forced to move to a nursing home.  Friends for Life Money Management for Seniors | Persons with Disabilities safeguards finances and allows those who can to remain independent for as long as they can.

“I’ve been in the Money Management program for 15 years. After serving as a bank officers for over 35 years, I am grateful to utilize my financial skills to help hundreds of people each year who no longer can manage their funds. We help seniors and persons with disabilities avoid problems that might otherwise arise from misuse of funds.” – Bill Williams

Do you have a knack for finances? Good with numbers?  Have a spotless record?  Know how to file? You might be just the person who could help in our Money Management for Seniors | Person with Disabilities Program.  If you are interested in giving your time and talents, please CLICK HERE.

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