Friends for Life helps the elderly and people with disabilities live independently as long as possible, protects and cares for those who are unable to care for themselves and brings generations together to enrich lives.

Independent Living

For almost twenty-five years, Friends for Life has been recruiting, training and organizing volunteers to help the elderly live independently as long as possible and to improve their quality of life.

Quality of Life Programs

 Last year, we helped 832 continue to live in their own homes and volunteers worked to improve quality of life for thousands of people in long term care facilities.

Intergenerational Programs

Over the years we have created dozens of Intergenerational Programs where adults and children come together to learn from each other and love one another.

Guardianship Program

In 1990 Friends for Life was asked to serve as legal guardian for a man who was found unconscious.   He was unable to make medical decisions and he had no family who could intervene on his behalf.  Friends for Life now offers guardianship service in 81 Texas counties and serves as guardian when the judge determines a person lacks capacity and there is no family member qualified and willing to serve.  This past year, Friends for Life served 528 people in its guardianship program.

Money Management Program

In 1995, we were asked to manage money for an elderly woman who was about to be evicted because she had not paid her rent in a year.  With the help of trained volunteers, we intercede with creditors, help with budgets, assist with accessing benefits, balance checkbooks, reconcile bank statements and pay bills.  We also help people access benefits and connect with resources in the community.  This past year, Friends for Life served over 600 people through its Money Management Programs.

Adult Day CareThanksgiving delivery resized

In June 2000, Friends for Life took over an adult day care program in Waco, Texas that was scheduled to close.  This center is open from 7AM to 6PM, Monday through Friday and provides nursing care, meals, transportation, activities, social interaction, exercise programs and more.  Friends for Life served over 120 people this past year through its Adult Day Care Center.



5 thoughts on “How We Serve

  1. Coral Gathman Cook Reply

    Does this program only help senior/disabled persons in Waco, TX? I am in Fort Worth, TX and am a senior citizen who is quite disabled…multi-disabled. My very disabled daughter and I were abused badly in an assisted living facility for years. She is now in a nursing home, but I am living alone. We have no family except each other and as such were more severe victims of the abuse. I sustained traumatic brain injury from it and could no longer be her guardian. We left there 5 years ago, and 9 months later she was returned to a skilled nursing facility but I was left blowing in the wind. I am terrified of everyone and everything and most of all am terrified of having to return to a “facility.” Could I possibly get some help??? I don’t want to die alone in a nursing facility with no one who has the power to do anything if they see the kind of abuse, neglect and egregious exploitation that we were subjected to at that place, or that I have suffered living on my own.

  2. susan flanner Reply

    I SO want to get involved in this!!! I am a Master’s prepared social worker.
    Are you only in Texas or do you have other centers in other cities??
    Please let me know!

    Susan Flanner, MSW

    • inez Post authorReply

      We are only in Texas but I do hope you will get involved anyway. There is an organization called the National Volunteer Caregiver Network. They have a website that lists organizations that provide similar services in many parts of the country. If you are not able to find an organization nearby, please let me know and I will let you know how you can get involved. Bless you.

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