A Park for Charlie

Every once in a while, Charlie calls to say how grateful he is to Friends for Life for the help we have given him.  We have been working with Charlie for about 8 years now.  He is a vet and he had so many problems, but in the past few years he has come to know the Lord.  Now, he has the most amazing attitude in spite of the fact that he has lost both legs and has lived through lung cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer and other health problems.  Through the years we have helped him manage his money.  When he had a chance to buy a house a few years ago he called us.  It took some time to get the payments reduced to a point where it was possible, but then Charlie was able to buy his first home.  He is a good neighbor and he watches out for all the children.  When a park was built in his neighborhood, they named it after Charlie.  You can read about Charlie in this article by Aileen Loehr at the Fayette County Record.   Charlie is such a happy guy and he gives all the credit to God. Want more info about Money Management  please contact Bill at 254-772-8100 x 116.

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