A few words from our Clients

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This year it will cost at least:

 $2,974 to care for each guardianship client,blind

$8,025 to care for each adult day care client,

$1,550 to care for each money management client, and

$52 to care for each independent living and quality of life client.

(We receive no fees for providing services to our independent living or quality of life clients.)

In these two graphs, you can see where our support came from last year

and how we used what was entrusted to us.


Last Income 2014Expenses 2014

4 thoughts on “A few words from our Clients

  1. Coral Gathman Cook Reply

    I need help. I’m elderly and quite disabled, trying to stay independent in my own home but don’t have living family, have nobody. A little help would go a long, long way.

    • inez Reply

      I am checking to see what is available in your area. We will be in touch soon. Inez

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