21 Years Old

This month Friends for Life is 21 years old!  We started helping people in September of 1989.  This year Friends for Life is helping about 3,815 people.

93 frail elderly and adults with disabilities are enrolled in our Adult Day Care Center with between 75 and 80 coming each day now.  We provide nursing care, activities, nutritious food, transportation.  We currently serve breakfast lunch and a snack in the afternoon.

In Guardianship, we serve 320 people.  (We are appointed by the courts to serve as guardians in 39 counties in Texas when the judges determine that individuals don’t have capacity to make decisions for themselves and when there is no family member qualified and willing to serve.  We serve 261 people as Guardian of Person, 3 people as Guardian of Estate and 56 as Guardian of Person and Estate.)

442 are helped through our Money Management Program where we provide information, referral to other agencies, assistance with accessing services in addition to helping some make sure bills are paid, utilities remain on, etc.  Since those who need help with money management often need help with many other things, we work to make sure that they have the help they need.

We have 870 in our Independent Living Programs (We recruit, screen, train and organize volunteers to help people age in place.  They can stay in their own homes as long as possible.  With a little help through our Minor Household Repairs Program, Telephone Reassurance, Companion to the Doctor, and help changing light bulbs and mowing lawns, and other programs, many end up able to live out their lives at home.  And, these programs make it possible for us to build bridges between us and them so that when they have a problem like electricity being turned off or running out of medicine, they may call us and we can fix the problem while it is a small problem – before it becomes life threatening.)

This year we are reaching out to approximately 2,090 in our Quality of Life Programs (With programs like Adopt a Grandparent, Friendly Visiting, Pen Pals, Friends for Thanksgiving, and many more, we are helping lonely elderly and people with disabilities know they are loved.  Our Gifts for Grannies & Grandpas, too program reaches out to more than this, but it also provides gifts for people in our other programs who are alone and have no one to remember them on their birthdays and holidays.

Please contact Inez at 254-772-8100 x 106.

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